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Three girls arrive at a US boarding school with a focus upon the performing arts, Sun-Hi, Jodi and Corki share a room and also begin their own band with their DJ friend Caleb. Each girl brings something different to the group with dreamer Sun-Hi being the star and accompanied by brainy Corki and fashion conscious Jodi. The girls not only face the problem of creating and marketing their band, but they also struggle with the cheerleaders taking a dislike to them.

Make It Pop is a series that is currently running and has 100 seasons (43 episodes). The series first aired on March 26, 2015.

Where do I stream Make It Pop online? Make It Pop is available for streaming on nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Make It Pop on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 7:00 PM et/pt on nickelodeon
100 Seasons, 43 Episodes
March 26, 2015
Comedy, Music
Cast: Megan Lee As Sun Hi Erika Tam As Corki Dale Whibley As Caleb Louriza Tronco As Jodi
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Make It Pop Full Episode Guide

  • Sun Hi, Corki, Jodi and DJ Caleb spend their summer break at a well known resort after winning a place as the hotel's exclusive house band.

  • Sun Hi, Jodi and Corki discover the true meaning of the holidays when a blizzard cages everybody inside the school; the teens run into a mysterious new student.

  • As the house band at a famous summer resort, Sun Hi, Jodi, Corki, and Caleb must juggle creating music with their day jobs as camp counselors. Their ascent to stardom continues as they work to put on the concert of the summer.

  • Nick Cannon guest stars, in a Make It Pop! Season Finale, as XO-IQ tries desperately to take the stage one last time. This is it - they need to perform for the MacKendrick Tonight TV crew, and for Julie Greensteel, the musical star-maker who could launch their careers. Problem is, Principal Diona has forbidden them from performing. Now as romantic tensions mount, can the band pull it together in time to impress Nick Cannon, Julie, and their national TV audience? Meanwhile, there's an offer on the table that could change their lives...

  • XO-IQ prepares for an important performance; Linc reveals his summer plans.

  • The teens worry about missing their prom; an unforeseen issue puts a strain on Sun Hi and Linc; Jared spies on Corki and Alex.

  • On the way home from Band Blast, the MacKendrick teens make a pit stop in a small town. But when the bus won't start up again, they all fear the worst; what if XO-IQ doesn't make it to their big show? What if Valerie misses her one and only prom? What if they're stuck in this small town auto garage… forever? Meanwhile Sun Hi searches for a way to contact Julie Greensteel, the self-described star-maker who could propel XO-IQ to worldwide fame, while Corki second-guesses her relationship status with Jared.

  • On the day of the Band Blast finals, Sun Hi tries to focus after yesterday's on-stage drama. She suspects that Linc is trying to distract her, but she's determined to win at all costs. Meanwhile Caleb and Jodi get their first taste of the competition, when they hear a rival school band playing one of XO-IQ's songs! Corki hopes to get her groove back before the big show, even while her relationship with Jared keeps shifting her eyes off the prize.

  • Bands contest against their rivals in a band-duet competition, but back stage mischief comes up and presents problems.

  • After XO-IQ and L3 arrive at the fabulous hotel hosting the Band Blast competition, a film crew interviews each band member for a behind-the-scenes tell-all video. Sun Hi jumps at any chance to go on camera, but the director Stefan has his own agenda. Meanwhile, Jared realizes he never actually asked Corki to the upcoming MacKendrick prom, and now he's desperate to make a “Promposal” any way he can. Caleb keeps trying to explain to Jodi exactly what happened between him and Heather in the MacKendrick parking lot.

  • It's finally the morning of the big trip to Band Blast, and XO-IQ, L3, and all their supportive fans begin loading up the bus. But after Heather has a premonition in which the Band Blast trip meets impending doom, Linc and Sun Hi realize that Jodi and Alex are missing! With half of their bands nowhere to be found, will they even make it to the competition on time? Meanwhile, Corki and Jared stage a trial “long-distance relationship,” to test how well “Jorki” will survive, after Jared leaves for college.

  • Sun Hi struggles with pre-Band-Blast jitters. But when she confides in Mr. Stark, he's only too happy to overwhelm her with advice and mentorship – and the only way Sun Hi can escape Stark's good intentions is by pulling Linc into the fray. Meanwhile, Heather helps Caleb to reclaim Jodi's attention, and Corki and Jared try to recruit a MacKendrick roadie crew for their big trip to Band Blast.

  • When Jodi hears a rumor involving her and Darmala, she's desperate to quash all the whispers before they can grow any bigger. Meanwhile, Sun Hi and Linc await the arrival of the Band Blast acceptance letters from DJ Maxwell. But Sun Hi is horrified to learn that L3 secured a spot in the contest, while XO-IQ didn't make the cut! Corki wants to spend some quality time with Jared before his upcoming graduation, but in classic Jared fashion, all he wants to do is hit the gym.

  • Sun Hi, Corki, and Heather race to finish XO-IQ's Band Blast submission on time, while Jodi and Darmala get stuck in an elevator.

  • Sun Hi discovers part of Linc's past, while Jodi shows Hye Jung her new design. Corki helps Jared with his college acceptance letters.

  • It's the day of Jodi's big Fashion Show, and everything's ready… except the clothes! Jodi needs a miracle to finish sewing in time for the big event. Now with a little help from Corki and Alex, Jodi hopes to impress designer Hye Jung, and all the fashion media that her mentor has invited. What could go wrong? Meanwhile Sun Hi pressures Caleb to write a great new hit song for XO-IQ to submit to Band Blast. But when Sun Hi's demands push Caleb over the edge, he seeks help from the master of negotiations, and Sun Hi's mortal enemy: Valerie.

  • When Sun Hi learns that Linc is putting together a new rival band called “L3”, she assigns Corki on a mission to spy on Linc. But Corki's honesty and truthfulness make her pretty much the worst spy of all time. Meanwhile Jodi presents the idea of a Teen Fashion Show to Hye Jung, who thinks it's an awesome plan – and one that Jodi needs to start working on, like, pronto! Sun Hi and her twin sister Sun Mi square off in a Twin War, pulling all of MacKendrick into the fray.

  • Sun Hi's sister comes to stay for family week. Also, Jodi takes care of the disaster at Hye Jung's store; and Jared tries to get on Corki's dad's good side by showing off his magic skills.

  • Sun Hi is tired of Linc. Also, Corki participates in Think Fest with Chip as her entry; and Jodi, Caleb and Alex trigger a disaster at Hye Jung's store.

  • Sun Hi finds her new band partner Linc to be totally too much! They might have great on-stage chemistry, but off-stage, they're a disaster. Sun Hi seeks advice from the girls, where she learns about “The Golden Rule.” Meanwhile Caleb makes a grand romantic gesture for Jodi, but will it be enough to get her attention? Jared's jealousy over Chip finally boils over, and soon both the man and the machine find themselves in a duel at high noon.

  • Sun Hi desperately wants to enter a cool new band competition called “Band Blast,” but she needs a band to do it! So Linc suggests they enter together, combining their different talents, and totally opposite styles. But Sun Hi and Linc can't seem to agree on music, costumes, anything! Will they be able to put aside their differences long enough to kill it on stage? Meanwhile Caleb seeks out romantic advice from an unlikely source, and Corki's robot “Chip” disappears – who could be responsible?! Corki begins to suspect Valerie, her number one rival in the upcoming Think Fest.

  • Sun Hi ends her open auditions with a frustrated rant – which goes viral online, accidentally alienating all her fans! Now she, Sun Hi, has to apologize – yikes. After trying (and failing) to make amends, Sun Hi stages a show at Club Ry Ri, but nobody shows up! That is, until Linc offers to save the day… sort of. Meanwhile, Jodi is so overwhelmed by her internship for Hye Jung that she accidentally blows off a date with Caleb. And Corki begins to feel the heat of competition from the other students entering the “Think Fest” qualifiers – and especially from Valerie. Corki decides she'll do anything to win… but at what cost?

  • Corki makes a robot for Think Fest. Also, Sun Hi looks for a new band; and Jodi fights Alex to find an internship in the fashion business.