"Damned Together. Condemned By Fate."
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Apart is an independent psychological thriller about two teenagers, Emily and Noah, who have grown up together in the same small town. By now they would be lovers, if their lives hadn’t forever been dismantled since their youth by the condition they share. Only when they are together do the symptoms appear. They discover that they are able to see visions.

Because their visions are often illogical flashing scenes and memories, the film is sequenced to reflect the chaos that Emily and Noah would be experiencing as they tried to organize the fragments of their visions and piece them together with reality. This illogical sequencing combined with the tragic doom of Emily and Noah’s love has led some critics to describe the film as Romeo and Juliet meets Memento.

Like the main character in Memento, the conflict they face is trying to determine what part of their visions are true and what part of their reality is false. It is hard and terrifying at times for them to come to conclusions about the reality of what they see, and how they should react in response to their often disturbing visions.

The characters' struggle to decipher reality begins at the start of the film when Noah wakes up from a coma. Noah is told that he has been injured in a fire. Because of the fire, has lost most of his memory. But he has not forgotten Emily, and he is desperate to find her. Emily on the other hand, wary and weary of the visions that develop when they are together, tries to stay away from Noah, hoping that this is her opportunity to stay apart forever and end the symptoms; but not even she can keep them apart.

Director Aaron Rottinghaus crafted the screenplay based on a rare psychological disorder called shared psychosis which translates into a story that redefines the stereotypical star-crossed lovers. Olesya Rulin stars as Emily Gates and Josh Danzinger stars as Noah Greene.

| 2011 | 1 hr 25 min | 5.3/10 | 43/100
Olesya Rulin, Josh Danziger, Bruce McGill, Joey Lauren Adams
Aaron Rottinghaus
Produced By
Ryan Rettig
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