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  • 2010
  • 1 hr 40 min
  • 3.5  (275)

Apartment is a 2010 Bollywood thriller film directed by Jag Mundhra, renowned for dealing with sensitive and complex themes. The movie spins a tale around the intertwining lives of its central characters, throwing light on the darker aspects of urban living and the psychological dramas that unfold within the confined spaces of a modern apartment.

The story focuses on Preeti Sengupta, played by Tanushree Dutta, an air hostess who leads a life defined by ambition and a desire for personal space and independence. Seeking to break free from the constraints of her previous living situation, she decides to take an apartment all to herself. This very decision sets the stage for the events that gradually untangle throughout the movie.

Preeti’s quiet life takes a sharp turn when she is compelled to share her apartment with Neha Bhargav, portrayed by Neetu Chandra, due to unforeseen financial pressures. Neha appears to be a sweet and considerate individual on the surface. An IT professional, Neha's character is replete with the complexities that often come with urban loneliness and the search for companionship. However, as the narrative unfolds, the layers of her seemingly innocuous façade start to peel away, revealing a disturbingly different personality.

Rohit Roy plays the role of Karan, Preeti's boyfriend, who is intricately woven into the fabric of the storyline. His relationship with Preeti is put to the test due to the dynamics between the three characters that live and factoids which slowly emerge as the story progresses.

Directed with a keen eye for the psychological underpinnings of its characters, Apartment delves deep into the issues of trust, betrayal, and paranoia that are symptomatic of disconnected and isolated urban lifestyles. Through its tight-knit narrative, complex character arcs, and slow-burn suspense, the film tries to maintain a hook on its audiences, giving a cinematic voice to the theme of personal space vis-à-vis emotional distance.

The mere walls of the apartment begin to take on a symbolic significance - they line the boundary between safety and danger, privacy and intrusion. As Preeti and Neha's interpersonal dynamics become tenser, the apartment seems to shrink around them, becoming a battleground of wits and ulterior motives.

The claustrophobic setting of an apartment is well-utilized to build a sense of creeping dread, and the cinematography plays a significant role in visually narrating the story. The camera work often employs tight frames and close-ups, reinforcing a feeling of entrapment and vulnerability that the characters experience. The background score adds to the tension, often cueing the audience into a sense of discomfort, hinting that something is amiss.

Jag Mundhra, the director, is known for his craft in handling stories that deal with incisive social and psychological themes. With Apartment, he endeavors to combine elements of social commentary on the concept of urban community living and apartment culture, with the thrill and mystery of psychological drama. His handling of the subject matter reflects concerns over the anomalies of societal norms and interpersonal relationships within the spaces where people live and breathe.

The film also lightly treads into the territory of a social critique, as it questions the modern-day pursuit of success and independence at the cost of human connections and moral values. It brings to light the stark reality of the transformation of one's safe haven - their home - into an oblivious arena where the individual's deepest fears and insecurities can manifest.

As a Bollywood thriller, Apartment strives to offer a package of suspense and intrigue to keep the audience invested. While it may borrow from conventional tropes of the genre, it tries to create its identity through its setting and detailed character study.

While the plot points of the movie are interesting to note, examining the acting performances is also essential. Tanushree Dutta's portrayal of Preeti Sengupta provides the audience with a glimpse into the character's determined but troubled psyche. Neetu Chandra as Neha Bhargav is tasked with arguably the most challenging role, having to oscillate between vulnerability and darkness. Rohit Roy's Karan brings another facet to the narrative, adding to the complexity of human relationships depicted in the movie.

In conclusion, Apartment is a film that seeks to engage viewers not just with its mystery and suspense but also with its exploration of the darker side of urban alienation and the quest for personal identity in the modern world. Though true to its Bollywood roots in terms of cinematic elements and potential melodrama, the movie strives to pose questions that are relevant to the contemporary social fabric and human psychology, all within the confined spaces of an apartment.

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    3.5  (275)