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  • 1948
  • 1 hr 7 min
  • 5.4  (165)

Appointment With Murder is a thrilling murder mystery from 1948, starring John Calvert as the dashing magician and amateur detective "The Falcon." The film follows The Falcon and his assistant, Alice (Catherine Craig), as they investigate a string of murders that seem to be connected to the illegal gambling den owned by gangster Tony (Jack Reitzen).

The film opens with a newspaper headline reporting the murder of a wealthy socialite, Evelyn True. The police are baffled and have no leads, but The Falcon is intrigued and begins his own investigation. He soon discovers that Evelyn True had been a regular at Tony's gambling den, and that her murder may have been a result of her involvement in illegal activities.

The Falcon and Alice decide to pay a visit to Tony's club in order to gather more information. There, they meet a variety of suspicious characters, including a sleazy nightclub singer, a washed-up boxer, and a shady lawyer. Amidst all the smoke and mirrors of the club, The Falcon and Alice must navigate a complicated web of relationships and rivalries in order to get to the bottom of the murders.

As the investigation unfolds, The Falcon finds himself attracted to Tony's beautiful and mysterious wife, Helene. Despite her husband's criminal activities, Helene seems to have a certain air of innocence about her, and The Falcon can't help but be drawn to her. However, as the body count continues to rise, The Falcon realizes that even the most innocent-seeming person could be a cold-blooded killer.

Appointment With Murder is a classic film noir, filled with shadowy alleys, dramatic chase scenes, and plenty of suspenseful twists and turns. John Calvert brings a charming and suave presence to the role of The Falcon, while Catherine Craig plays the intelligent and resourceful Alice with just the right amount of spunk. Meanwhile, Jack Reitzen is suitably menacing as the ruthless gangster Tony, and the rest of the supporting cast delivers solid performances as well.

One of the film's standout features is its clever use of magic and sleight of hand, which is woven seamlessly into the plot. As a magician, The Falcon can't resist a good misdirection or illusion, and he uses his skills to outwit his opponents and uncover the truth behind the murders. Whether he's performing a daring escape from a locked room or using his powers of observation to catch a killer in the act, The Falcon is always one step ahead of the game.

In addition to its thrilling plot and engaging characters, Appointment With Murder also benefits from some impressive cinematography and set design. The film is shot in moody black and white, with plenty of shadows and angles that create a sense of tension and unease. Meanwhile, the gambling den and other locations are convincingly atmospheric, with plenty of details that immerse the viewer in the world of the film.

Overall, Appointment With Murder is a fun and engaging mystery that will keep viewers guessing until the very end. With its combination of murder, magic, and mayhem, it's a film that's sure to please fans of classic film noir and detective stories alike.

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    5.4  (165)