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"How far would you go for true love?"
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April Showers is an independent film that deals with a serious issue. This movie was inspirited by events that happened at the Columbine High School and the days that followed the shootings that occurred there. The movie is based on real events and shows the survivors of this shooting trying to make sense of it and move on with their lives.

The movie opens with a scene where students are being evacuated from the Columbine High School. Vicki meets her friend Sean and tells him that one of the shooters was a close friend of his. Sean is speechless. The film then shows a flashback from earlier that morning. A boy named Jason is being picked on by a bully. Sean comes to his aide. Later that day Sean is talking to a teacher when the fire alarms go off. They hear gunshots and see students running. Sean and his friend make a run for their lives and are able to get out of the building.

Mr. Blackwell, the teacher, tried to save a group of students. They make a run for it, and Mr. Blackwell gets shot. At this time the S.W.A.T. team is one the scene. They find Mr. Blackwell and many others dead. Sean searches for his friends just to find out that some of them have been killed. Sean is having trouble dealing with his. The movie shows another student who later kills himself because he feels he was responsible for a bully dying. Another one of Sean’s good friends moves away. At the end of the film, Sean is seen crying by the grave of the girl he liked, regretting he did not get a chance to tell her how he felt. During the credits there are scenes from past school shootings along with the victims. A message is then shown stating that police are now trained to be able to minimize the deaths in school shootings.

| 2003 | 1 hr 38 min | 4.9/10 | 38/100
Maria Cina, Trish Doolan, Frank Grillo, Zack Ward
Trish Doolan
Produced By
Trish Doolan, Honey Labrador, Christopher Racster, Bill Shaffer

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