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"She steals to live... and lives to steal..."
  • M/PG
  • 1967
  • 1 hr 45 min
  • 5.3  (151)

Arabella is a 1967 romantic comedy directed by Mauro Bolognini and starring Virna Lisi, James Fox, and Margaret Rutherford. Set in Rome, the film follows the story of Arabella Danesi, a stunningly beautiful manicurist who dreams of finding a wealthy husband and living a life of luxury. When she meets the handsome and wealthy American diplomat, Robert Mallison, Arabella sees her chance and immediately sets about trying to seduce him.

Robert is initially wary of Arabella's advances, but her charming and flirtatious personality quickly wins him over. The two soon begin a passionate affair, but their relationship is complicated by the interference of Arabella's mother, a well-meaning but overbearing woman who is determined to see her daughter married off to a rich and influential man. Meanwhile, Robert's snobbish colleagues look down on Arabella and see her as nothing more than a gold digger who is after Robert's wealth.

Despite these obstacles, Arabella remains determined to win Robert's heart, and she continues to use her wit and charm to captivate him. However, as their relationship deepens, Arabella begins to question her own motives and wonders if she truly loves Robert or if she is just using him to fulfill her own desires.

As the plot unfolds, Arabella becomes increasingly embroiled in a web of deception and intrigue, as her mother and Robert's colleagues conspire to break them apart. Meanwhile, Robert struggles to reconcile his feelings for Arabella with his obligation to his diplomatic duties, and he must decide whether to risk his career for the sake of love.

The film is notable for its stunning location shots of Rome, capturing the city's vibrant energy and romantic ambiance. Its 1960s-era costumes and hairstyles also add to the film's nostalgic charm. Virna Lisi delivers a standout performance as Arabella, bringing a mix of sexuality and vulnerability to the role. James Fox is also excellent as the suave and sophisticated diplomat who finds himself caught in Arabella's web.

Overall, Arabella is a delightful romantic comedy that will appeal to fans of classic cinema. Its witty dialogue, charming characters, and beautiful scenery make for an unforgettable cinematic experience. Whether you're a fan of Italian cinema or simply enjoy a good romance, Arabella is a film that is sure to leave you smiling.

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