Art of Fighting

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The movie The Art Of Fighting is a Korean action film focused around a young boy by the name of Sung Byeong-Tae. Sung attends a technical school where the other students are constantly bullying him, making his life at school almost unbearable to even attend. Sung feels helpless each time these bullies start to pick on him. However, one day Sung runs into an old gangster who shows Sung his incredible fighting skills. Feeling bad for the young boy, this old gangster decides to show him all of his fighting moves. Later on in the movie, Sung uses those fighting skills against the bullies at school.

2006 | | 6.7/10
Yun-shik Baek, Seung-hyeon Byeon, Yeo-jin Choi, Yun-ju Do
Shin Han-sol
Produced By
Lee Seo-yeol
Art of Fighting
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Also starring Yun-shik Baek