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  • 1996
  • 7.4  (951)

Azhakiya Ravanan is a 1996 Indian Malayalam-language film directed by Kamal and starring Mammootty in the lead role. It was written by Sreenivasan and produced by Madhavan Nair. The film was released on 12 April 1996. The story of Azhakiya Ravanan is about a successful businessman named Ravishankar who is also a proud man. Ravi's life changes when he meets his old friend, a humble auto-rickshaw driver named Chandran, who has become blind. Chandran's optimistic and cheerful nature fascinates Ravi and he starts to spend more time with him. Slowly, Ravi begins to appreciate the simple pleasures of life that he had ignored till then.

Ravishankar's wife, Geetha, is a loving and supportive spouse, but she feels neglected as Ravi spends more time with Chandran. Meanwhile, Ravi's business rival, Prem Kumar, is plotting against him to take over his business. Through a series of events, Ravi's business comes under threat and he loses his wealth. Ravi's world falls apart and he feels helpless, lost and alone.

As an act of kindness, Chandran gives Ravi his eyes and allows him to see the world again. Ravi is touched by Chandran's selflessness and realizes the true value of friendship. He also understands the importance of being humble, appreciating other people and what they have to offer. He propels himself into a new life with a fresh perspective and learns to treat all members of society with equal respect and dignity.

The film features a robust cast of excellent actors, with Mammootty, Sreenivasan, and Bhanupriya delivering powerful performances. The movie has a poignant storyline and a strong moral message, reminding us of the importance of being kind, humble and nurturing meaningful relationships. It is a movie that has stood the test of time, and is still remembered and celebrated by its fans. In addition, the film's excellent music and the wonderful cinematography capture the essence of the story and elevate its emotional impact.

Overall, Azhakiya Ravanan is an inspiring and heart-warming story about the power of true friendship and the importance of being grateful for what we have. It is a must-watch film for anyone who values relationships, humanity, and kindness. Through the life of its protagonist, the film shows us compelling reasons to see the best in other people, and understand that true wealth is not measured in dollars, but in the richness of the connections we make.

Azhakiya Ravanan
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