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Banaz: An Honor Killing is a powerful and heart-wrenching documentary that explores the brutal murder of Banaz Mahmod, a 20-year-old Iraqi Kurdish woman who was killed in 2006 in London, UK. The movie is directed by Deeyah Khan, a British-Norwegian film director and human rights activist. Banaz: An Honor Killing follows the story of Banaz Mahmod, who fell in love with a man who was not approved by her family. As part of her Kurdish community's strict honor code, Banaz was expected to marry a man chosen by her family. However, Banaz refused to comply with their demands and left her husband, who was chosen for her. In retaliation, her family plotted and executed an honor killing, which claimed Banaz's life.

The documentary provides an insight into the events leading up to Banaz's death and explores the prejudices, traditions, and cultural norms that influenced the actions of her family. The film also examines the responses of the British police, who initially failed to take Banaz's concerns seriously, and the widespread ignorance about honor killings prevalent in the British society.

The documentary is a chilling account of the violence and trauma that honor killings inflict on the victim and the society as a whole. The film highlights the impact of honor culture on women and the challenges they face in breaking free from centuries-old customs and beliefs.

Deeyah Khan's skilled direction and engaging storytelling create a compelling narrative around the tragic story of Banaz Mahmod. The film's focus on the human tragedy behind honor killings is a rare depiction of a culturally ingrained, hostile and oppressive system, which is usually justified by male family members or community leaders.

Banaz: An Honor Killing also features interviews with Banaz's loved ones, along with survivors of honor killings and experts in the field. The interviews provide a deeper understanding of the cultural, legal, and social implications of honor killings, and it shows how women continue to face discrimination, abuse, and oppression in many parts of the world.

Overall, Banaz: An Honor Killing is an emotionally charged and thought-provoking film that provides a stark reminder of the harmful impact of honor killings. The movie raises important questions about the consequences of upholding traditional patriarchal norms, cultural conditioning, systemic racism, and the critical need for education and awareness to counter these harmful practices.

The documentary also explores the consequences of institutional inadequacies that put at risk the lives of members of the British community, who endure wrongful, harmful and abusive practices, often under the guise of "cultural sensitivities." Banaz: An Honor Killing calls for urgent action needs to address this issue to ensure the safety, rights, and dignity of British citizens regardless of race, ethnicity, or cultural background.

In conclusion, Banaz: An Honor Killing is an essential must-watch film that offers insights into the issue of honor-based violence, female oppression, and the inequalities that still exist in the world today. The movie is a testimony to the strength of the human spirit, resilience, and the right for every person to live a life of dignity and free from violence.

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