Barbie: A Fairy Secret

This is an animated kid's movie for Barbie fans alike. The movie begins with Barbie attending her movie premier with her boyfriend, Ken. At the premiere, Barbie and Ken take a picture to send to Barbie's friend, fairy Princess Graciela. Graciela receives the picture and just before she took a look at it, she had taken a love potion. The picture causes her to fall in love with Ken. Graciela does everything to marry Ken and even goes as far as planning a wedding and kidnapping Ken to attend. Ken has no idea what's going on. With Barbie's life in chaos, she must find a way to help Ken and Graciela. Her two assistants are the only two with a solution. Barbie must make it to the wedding while trying to find a way into the fairy kingdom before it's too late.

| 2011 | 1 hr 30 min | 5.6/10
Todd Resnick, William Lau
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Barbie: A Fairy Secret