Becoming Dick

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  • 2000
  • 2 hr
  • 4.5  (147)

Becoming Dick is a 2000 comedy film that revolves around the life of an aspiring actor, Dick (Harland Williams). The movie showcases the ups and downs of Dick's life, as he tries to make it big in the business. The film follows Dick's journey from being a struggling actor to becoming a star. The storyline is set in Hollywood, and we see Dick attending various auditions and meetings with agents, trying to secure his big break. His quirky personality and comedic timing often make him stand out from the crowd, but he is still struggling to land his first significant role.

Along the way, we meet various characters who play significant roles in Dick's life. One of them is his agent, Sidney (Robert Wagner), who is always trying to sell Dick to various casting directors. Sidney is a smooth-talking agent who is always on the move, trying to secure new and exciting opportunities for his client. However, he is constantly facing challenges with Dick's quirky behavior.

Another character we meet is Maya (Elizabeth Berkley), an aspiring actress who has a crush on Dick. She is always trying to impress him and often shows up at his auditions, hoping to get noticed by agents. The two develop a close friendship, and Maya becomes one of Dick's biggest supporters.

However, things take a turn when Dick finally lands a significant role in a major Hollywood movie. As he becomes more successful, he starts to lose touch with his friends and family, becoming more focused on his career. He falls victim to the excesses of fame, and his quirky personality and antics start to become more extreme.

The movie is primarily a comedy but also explores the darker side of fame and how it can change people. The film is well-written and executed, with excellent performances from the entire cast. Harland Williams, in particular, is outstanding in his role, perfectly capturing the essence of a struggling actor who eventually finds success.

Overall, Becoming Dick is an entertaining comedy that offers a glimpse into the world of Hollywood fame. It has a good mixture of humor and drama, and the performances from the actors make it a worthwhile viewing experience. If you're a fan of comedies or interested in the entertainment industry, this movie is definitely worth a watch.

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    2 hr
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  • IMDB Rating
    4.5  (147)