A young widow finds it difficult to let go of her past because she is not ready to let go of her dead husband. She works at a photo shop and decides to try to capture the ghosts on film. Those attempts fail one by one, but she is not ready to give up just yet. Her manager drops hints that it might be time to start seeing men again, but Molly ignores her and continues in her search for the elusive dead husband.

A young man who would be a good match for Molly shows up one day. He is not the most polite man in the world and she ignores him as much as she possibly can. She eventually takes an interest in him and life becomes an adventure in the present rather than a ghost of the past.

| 2004 | | 6.0/10
Vinessa Shaw, Tim Blake Nelson, Patrick Burleigh, Tim Daly
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Also starring Vinessa Shaw