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  • 2015
  • 1 hr 15 min
  • 3.5  (373)

Biology 101 is a drama film released in 2013 that tells the story of Bill Pollard (played by David Christian Welborn), a college professor who is passionate about teaching biology. Pollard has been teaching for several years and is well-respected by his students and colleagues. However, he finds himself struggling to connect with his students, who seem disinterested in learning, and starts to question the purpose of his work.

Things take an interesting turn for Pollard when a new student, Sarah (played by Noelle DuBois), joins his class. Sarah is unlike any other student Pollard has ever seen. She is quiet, reserved, and doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of her classmates. However, as the classes go by, Pollard slowly starts to realize that there is something very special about Sarah.

As Pollard and Sarah begin to develop a friendship, Sarah reveals that she has a unique ability - she can remember every detail of every moment of her life. Sarah's gift has a profound effect on Pollard, who is fascinated by the science behind her ability, and he begins to incorporate her into his class, using her gift as part of his lessons.

However, as Pollard and Sarah's friendship deepens, they come to realize that her gift comes with a heavy price. Sarah's ability to remember every detail means that she is constantly reliving past traumas, and her emotional state becomes increasingly fragile. As their relationship becomes more complex, Pollard must find a way to help Sarah confront her past and find a way to move forward in life.

The movie tackles several themes, including the importance of education, the role of memory in shaping our lives, and the power of human connection. Through the character of Pollard, the movie explores the challenges of being a teacher in a world where education is often undervalued, and students are more concerned with getting good grades than absorbing the material.

At its core, Biology 101 is a movie about the importance of empathy and understanding. Through the character of Sarah, the movie shows that everyone has their own unique struggles and that it's our responsibility to listen and support each other. It's a moving and thought-provoking film that will leave viewers with a newfound appreciation for the people in their lives.

The acting performances in the movie are top-notch, with David Christian Welborn delivering a nuanced portrayal of a teacher struggling to find his place in the world. Noelle DuBois is equally impressive as Sarah, perfectly capturing the character's emotional complexity and vulnerability. Deborah O'Brien also shines as Pollard's colleague and love interest, adding a layer of complexity to the story that rounds out the characters in a satisfying way.

The direction and cinematography in the movie are also noteworthy, with director Christopher R. Smith expertly capturing the mood and atmosphere of the story. The use of color and lighting is particularly effective, with the film's muted color palette perfectly reflecting the emotional tone of the story.

In conclusion, Biology 101 is a moving and thought-provoking movie about the importance of empathy, understanding, and human connection. It's a film that will leave viewers with a newfound appreciation for the people in their lives and is a testament to the power of education and the human spirit.

Biology 101 is a 2015 mystery with a runtime of 1 hour and 15 minutes. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 3.5.

Biology 101
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