Black Lizard

Black Lizard is a criminal mastermind with her eye on the priceless Star of Egypt diamond. She has plans to kidnap the jeweler's daughter and hold her for ransom--but the jeweler has other plans. He hires Akechi, Japan's most brilliant detective, to protect his daughter. Akechi tries to outsmart Black Lizard, but she escapes to her secret lair. There, we learn she keeps a strange and grotesque collection of human dolls. Now it's up to Akechi to find the secret island hideout before it's too late. Black Lizard (original title Kuro Tokage) is a campy and creepy Japanese detective film.

1968 | 1 hr 26 min | 7.1/10
Akihiro Miwa, Isao Kimura, Kikko Matsuoka, Jun Usami
Kinji Fukasaku
Produced By
Akira Oda
Black Lizard
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