Blind Date

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Jonathan is despondent over the death of his girlfriend and it haunts him night and day. Eventually, his grief causes him to go blind and doctors cannot find an explanation. The solution that is used is installing a computer board in Jonathan that allows him to regain his sight. As Jonathan tries to go about his life, he crosses path with a psychopathic cab driver who uses his cab as bait to bring in female victims. Once the victims are in his cab, he renders them unconscious and takes them to his apartment where he tortures them to death. Jonathan must act quickly if he is to save his life and the life of the cab driver's next potential victim.

| 1984 | 1 hr 43 min | 4.9/10
Joseph Bottoms, Kirstie Alley, James Daughton, Lana Clarkson
Nico Mastorakis
Blind Date
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Also starring Joseph Bottoms