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Bliss is a drama film that was released in 2006. A Chinese family consisting of a divorced man, his child from his first marriage, and his second wife have to deal with some unique problems that arise all at once. The man finds that his child is starting to become involved with crime, and has to find time for him despite working constantly. Meanwhile, his wife starts to sleep with another man, and has to decide if she will tell him that she is pregnant with someone else’s child. Lastly, the father receives the ashes of his former wife, and he has to find a place to scatter them while trying to tell his son about the matter.

2006 | 1 hr 36 min | 6.9/10
Jiang-ge Guan, Qin He, Xing-quan He, Zhong Liao
Sheng Zhimin
Produced By
Fruit Chan, Paul Cheng, Carl Chang
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Emmas Glck (DE 2005/2006) - Deutscher Trailer|2:12