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  • 2013
  • 1 hr 9 min
  • 3.5  (124)

Blood for Irina is a 2012 horror movie directed by Chris Alexander. It is a surrealistic and experimental exploration of loneliness, addiction, and vampirism. The movie stars Shauna Henry as Irina, a lonely and mute vampire who lives in a decaying motel in a remote part of the world. The movie also features Carrie Gemmell as Irina's neighbor, and David Goodfellow as a mysterious stranger.

The movie opens with a dream-like sequence that establishes the tone of the movie. The sequence is shot in black and white and features Irina watching images of her past from an old movie projector. The images are distorted and fragmented, and they convey a sense of loss, isolation, and despair.

The first act of the movie introduces the audience to Irina's life. She spends most of her time alone, drinking blood, and reliving memories of her past. Her only companions are a white cat and a goldfish. She is haunted by visions of her former lover, and she tries to cope with her loneliness by drinking more blood.

The second act of the movie introduces Irina's neighbor, a prostitute named Lily. Lily is a lively and talkative person who befriends Irina and becomes her only human contact. Lily is fascinated by Irina's vampire nature, and she tries to understand and help her. However, she is also a victim of her own addiction, and she struggles to survive in a world that is hostile to her.

The third act of the movie brings a mysterious stranger to the motel. The stranger is a young man who is searching for a missing person. He becomes fascinated by Irina and Lily and tries to uncover their secrets. However, he soon realizes that his search has a dark and bloody purpose, and that he is not the only one who is searching for the missing person.

Blood for Irina is a slow-paced and moody movie that relies on atmosphere and imagery rather than dialogue and action. The movie is shot in a dream-like style, with long static shots, low-key lighting, and minimalistic sound design. The movie is also heavily stylized, with a strong visual identity that mixes classic horror tropes with a modern and experimental aesthetic.

The movie is an allegory of addiction and isolation. Irina's vampirism is a metaphor for addiction, as she is unable to stop drinking blood even though it harms her. Her muteness is a metaphor for isolation, as she is unable to connect with other people despite her desire to do so. Lily's addiction to drugs and prostitution is also portrayed as a form of vampirism, as she is also dependent on the blood of others to survive.

The movie also explores the themes of memory and identity. Irina's memories of her past are distorted and fragmented, and they reflect her sense of loss and confusion. The movie also questions the nature of identity, as Irina struggles to define herself as a vampire and as a person. The stranger's search for the missing person is also a search for his own identity, as he tries to understand his place in the world.

Blood for Irina received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the movie for its atmospheric style and originality, while others criticized it for being slow and pretentious. The movie also generated controversy for its explicit violence and sexuality, which some critics deemed gratuitous and exploitative.

Overall, Blood for Irina is a unique and challenging movie that experiments with genre conventions and explores complex themes. It is a movie that requires patience and an open mind, but it rewards the viewer with haunting images and thought-provoking ideas.

Blood for Irina
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