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  • 2014
  • 1 hr 26 min
  • 6.9  (107)
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Blumenthal is a comedy-drama film from 2013 that revolves around Harold Blumenthal, a famous playwright who dies of a heart attack while out on a run in Central Park. Harold's sudden death shocks his family, and they try to come to terms with his absence while dealing with their own emotions. Fred Melamed plays the role of Harold's younger brother, Saul, who is also a playwright but hasn't achieved the same level of success. Saul is envious of Harold and feels like he has been living in his brother's shadow for his entire life. He becomes obsessed with his brother's legacy and decides to write a play based on Harold's life, which only aggravates his own insecurities.

On the other hand, Laila Robins plays the role of Saul's wife, Cheryl, who is a successful art curator. Cheryl is a practical woman who tries to hold her family together after Harold's death. She is caring, balanced, and sometimes the voice of reason for her family.

Brian Cox plays the role of Harold Blumenthal, who is only seen in flashbacks. Harold is portrayed as a charismatic, funny, and talented playwright who is trapped in his own self-destructive tendencies. He is a man with a creative mind, but his personal life is in shambles, and his relationships with his family are strained.

As Saul delves deep into Harold's life, he begins to question his brother's achievements and his own shortcomings. He realizes that his brother was not as perfect as he seemed, and that Harold's success had come at a great cost to himself and his family. Saul's obsession with Harold's legacy starts to put a strain on his relationships with his wife and son, and he begins to spiral out of control.

The film is a poignant exploration of family dynamics, particularly of siblings who are competitive with each other. It shows the insecurities that one can develop when constantly living in the shadow of a successful sibling. Fred Melamed's performance as Saul is particularly remarkable, as he portrays a man who is struggling with his own insecurities and dysfunctional relationship with his brother.

Blumenthal is a well-written and well-directed movie that is filled with dry humor and witty dialogue. The film explores themes such as jealousy, creative expression, and the quest for familial validation. Ultimately, the film is a reminder that family relationships are complicated, and that even the most successful people can be deeply flawed.

The movie has a minimalist score that adds to the nostalgic feel of the film. The camera work is simple and unobtrusive, which allows the characters' performances to take center stage. The dialogue is smart, insightful, and at times, hilarious.

In conclusion, Blumenthal is a witty and poignant film that is worth watching if you are a fan of indie movies that explore complex family dynamics. The film's themes of sibling rivalry and creative expression are explored in a way that is both entertaining and insightful. Fred Melamed, Laila Robins, and Brian Cox deliver great performances that make this movie a memorable experience.

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