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  • 2021

Blush is a 2019 Israeli drama directed by Michal Vinik. The story revolves around a teenage girl, Naama (played by Keren Mor), who lives in a small town in Israel. Naama is in love with a girl, Dana (played by Amit Muchtar), and has been keeping her sexuality a secret from her conservative family and society. The story begins with Naama and Dana at a party where they kiss each other for the first time. The moment is intimate and tender, but also shrouded in secrecy. Naama is happy at the prospect of a relationship with Dana, but she is also scared of being outed as gay in her conservative town where LGBTQ+ acceptance is low.

In a society where people are expected to conform to traditional gender roles, Naama struggles to understand her own identity. Her family is conservative and can't relate to her struggles. Her mother is overbearing, constantly worried about what others might think of her, while her father is distant and uninvolved.

As Naama starts to explore her sexuality, she finds that her relationship with Dana is not the only thing that is changing. She begins to dress in masculine clothing, getting a short haircut and binding her chest, to better align with her own understanding of herself. But her transformation does not go unnoticed by her family and friends. She becomes the subject of ridicule and harassment.

The film explores Naama's journey of self-discovery and the challenges she faces as an LGBTQ+ individual in a conservative society. The cinematography is beautiful, capturing the stunning landscapes of Israel and the stark contrast between Naama's private life and her public persona.

The film's soundtrack is also noteworthy, with songs by Israeli pop singer Noga Erez and French electronic musician Koudlam. The music underscores the emotional depth of the film.

Blush received critical acclaim during its festival run and has been praised for its sensitive portrayal of the experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals. The film also illuminates the struggles of young people who feel compelled to hide their true selves due to societal pressure.

Overall, Blush is a poignant and provocative film that captures the complexities and nuances of adolescent identity and the beauty of discovering oneself. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in LGBTQ+ issues and coming-of-age stories.

Blush is a 2021 animated movie.

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