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  • 1970
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Brennus - Enemy of Rome, is a historical epic movie released in 1963, directed by Giacomo Gentilomo, starring Gordon Mitchell, Tony Kendall, and Ursula Davis. The movie is set in the Roman era, and the plot revolves around the Gaulish general, Brennus, who leads his army to Rome to demand the city's treasures as tribute. The Roman leaders refuse to meet his demands, and war ensues, with both sides engaging in bloody battles.

Brennus, portrayed by the muscular and intense Gordon Mitchell, is depicted as a fierce warrior who commands loyalty and fear from his soldiers. He is a man driven by a desire for revenge against the Romans, whom he holds responsible for the unjust treatment of the Gauls.

Tony Kendall plays the character of Fabius, a Roman officer, who is portrayed as the complete opposite of Brennus. He is shown as a kind-hearted and righteous man who questions the Roman policy of subjugating the Gauls. However, he still remains loyal to his people and fights alongside them in the war against Brennus.

Ursula Davis plays the role of Loho, Brennus's love interest. Loho is a brave and determined warrior who fights alongside Brennus in the Gaulish army. Her character is depicted as a woman who is equal to men in strength and determination.

The war between Brennus and Rome is long and gruesome, with both sides suffering huge losses. The movie's battle scenes are well choreographed and shot, with a lot of blood and gore, showing the brutality of war.

One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is the siege of Rome. Brennus's army lays siege to the city, and the Romans are shown as being desperate and scared. The tension and fear are palpable in the scenes, and the audience can feel the hopelessness of the Roman soldiers.

The movie also explores the political and social complexities of the Roman era. The Romans are shown as a powerful and cruel empire, where the rich and powerful control everything. The Gauls, on the other hand, are depicted as a people who are being oppressed and exploited by the Romans.

The movie's plot is not just about war and battle, but it also explores issues of love, betrayal, and loyalty. Brennus's love for Loho is tested when he discovers a plot to betray him. His loyalty to his people is also tested when he has to make tough decisions that could cost him their support.

Overall, Brennus - Enemy of Rome, is an entertaining and well-made historical epic that is worth watching. The plot is engaging, the acting is excellent, and the battle scenes are thrilling. It is a movie that will appeal to fans of historical epics as well as those who love action-packed movies.

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