Broken Wings

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  • R
  • 2003
  • 1 hr 27 min
  • 7.4  (2,490)
  • 75

Broken Wings is a heartrending drama written and directed by Nir Bergman in 2002. The movie follows the Bedazzling family, a single mother and her four children, after the death of their father, an Air Force officer. The family members attempt to move on with their lives while dealing with the challenges and complexities of their domestic and social lives.

The central protagonist, 17-year-old Maya, is forcibly thrust into the role of a substitute parent when her mother, Dafna, is unable to cope with the emotional demands of caring for her family. Maya juggles multiple responsibilities at once, from looking after her siblings to working a job to supplement the household income. She is also an aspiring singer but struggles to find the time to pursue her passion.

The story explores the lives of each of the characters, their backgrounds, and their unique experiences in their family life. The eldest, Yair, desires to leave home as soon as he can, and the second child, Ido, is a preteen hockey fanatic. Bahr is the exceptionally observant youngest member of the family while Rahel is dealing with the aftermath of a recent break-up.

As the movie progresses, each family member confronts their personal struggles, both physical and emotional, that prevent them from finding happiness. Dafna is not able to move past her husband's death, and memories of him continue to haunt her. Yair and his mother's relationship is fraught with tension, and he uses her distress as an excuse to leave home. Ido is grappling with the physical limitations of being a young child with a heart condition, and his brother, Ido, is struggling to navigate the complex social dynamics of middle school. Rahel is experiencing the aftermath of a breakup, and Maya is constantly overwhelmed with the pressure of holding everything together.

Despite the everyday struggles of the Bedazzling family, Broken Wings explores them with hope and optimism, bringing to light the strength that comes with working together. Nir Bergman impeccably balances the pathos of each character's tragedies with moments of levity, creating a multifaceted and emotionally complex story. Through the exceptionally crafted performances by Orly Silbersatz, Maya Maron, Nitai Gvirtz, and the entire ensemble cast, Broken Wings is a cinematic masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression on its audience.

In conclusion, Broken Wings is an incredibly emotional entanglement of the Bedazzling family and their struggles with life after the father's death. It is a beautiful reflection of the pure strength, courage, and determination that touches the heart of each viewer. The story delves into each family member's life in a way that is deeply moving and illuminating. Nir Bergman's perspective and direction for each performance are profoundly evocative, giving the characters a sense of authenticity and heart-wrenching reality. Broken Wings is a cinematic work of art that remains etched in one's heart long after the viewing.

Broken Wings
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