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  • NR
  • 2010
  • 1 hr 17 min

Butchered is a horror movie that brings to life the age-old tale of a group of friends who venture into the woods for a weekend getaway and end up in the grasp of a merciless killer. The film follows a group of college friends, including the protagonist Andrew, his girlfriend Alicia, and their friends Jack and Natalie. The group sets off to New York's remote backwoods for a fun-filled weekend of camping and hiking.

The first day of the trip goes smoothly as the group sets up camp, indulges in some beers, and explores the dense forest. However, things quickly take a dark turn when they stumble upon an abandoned hunting cabin in the woods. As curiosity gets the better of them, they venture into the cabin, only to discover human remains in the bathtub.

Fearing for their safety, they decide to leave the cabin and head back to their campsite. But as they set off, they realize someone has tampered with their supplies, destroying their tent and stealing their food.

With no other options, the group tries to find a way out of the woods, only to discover they are being relentlessly stalked by a faceless killer. As the group members fall victim to the killer's traps and weapons, they realize they are trapped in the woods with no help in sight.

Butchered is a movie that plays up the classic horror tropes to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The film uses the wilderness as a backdrop to heighten the intensity of the terror, creating a sense of claustrophobia and isolation. The eerie surroundings and haunting musical score add an extra layer of suspense to the film.

The standout performances in Butchered come from the film's central cast. Tim Woodward Jr. delivers an intense and believable portrayal of the protagonist Andrew, while Nikki Beall's performance as Alicia brings a sense of vulnerability to the character.

Cory Broadwater plays Jack, the group's comic relief, and does a commendable job of lightening the tension with his humor. The chemistry between the actors adds a layer of realism to the film, making the emotional impact of the events even more palpable.

Overall, Butchered is a classic horror movie that is sure to appeal to fans of the genre. The film relies on good old-fashioned suspense and thrills rather than gimmicks and special effects, making it a refreshing take on the horror formula. So, if you're in the mood for a spine-tingling, edge-of-your-seat horror flick, Butchered is definitely worth checking out.

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