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""It's a picture of me after being with you...""
  • 1966
  • 1 hr
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Color Me Barbra is a musical television special that aired in 1966, starring the legendary Barbra Streisand. The special was directed by Dwight Hemion and produced by Robert Emmett Ginna, and aired on CBS on March 30, 1966. The special showcases Streisand's talent as a singer, actress and performer, and features an array of musical numbers, comedy skits and dramatic monologues.

The special was filmed in various locations, including New York City, Paris and Los Angeles. It features Streisand performing in a number of different settings, including a stunning performance in a deserted amphitheater in Paris, where she performs "Non C'est Rien," a song from her French album. The audience is taken on a journey through different landscapes, from the busy streets of New York City to the quiet desert of California.

Streisand's incredible vocal range is showcased throughout the special, with performances of some of her most iconic songs including "My Melancholy Baby," "Yesterdays," and "A Taste of Honey." The special also features a number of comedic skits, including an amusing sketch where Streisand parodies Joan Crawford, complete with over-dramatic facial expressions and a feigned New York accent.

The musical numbers are expertly staged, with elaborate sets and costumes adding to the visual spectacle. Streisand sings in a range of different styles, from the soulful "Cry Me A River" to the upbeat and playful "C'est Si Bon," demonstrating her versatility as a performer.

One of the highlights of the special is the opening number, in which Streisand sings "Draw Me A Circle" while painting a portrait of herself which eventually comes to life. This unique and highly creative performance is a testament to Streisand's artistic vision and her willingness to push boundaries and experiment with different forms of expression.

Throughout the special, Streisand's charisma and charm are on full display, as she engages with the audience and appears to be thoroughly enjoying herself. Her signature humor and wit are also on display in the comedic sketches and monologues, which add a light-hearted touch to the proceedings.

The special concludes with a grand finale, in which Streisand performs "Happy Days Are Here Again" while being lifted high into the air by a crane. The spectacle of this finale is a fitting end to the special, providing a celebratory and triumphant note to the proceedings.

In summary, Color Me Barbra is a must-see for any fans of Barbra Streisand, showcasing her incredible talent as a singer and performer, and providing a glimpse into her unique artistic vision. With stunning visuals, expertly staged musical numbers, and a sense of fun and joy that is infectious, Color Me Barbra is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time.

Color Me Barbra
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