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  • 1953
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Column South is a western movie from 1953 that stars the legendary Audie Murphy. Set during the Civil War, the movie tells the story of Lt. Jed Sayre, a Confederate soldier who volunteers to go on a mission behind enemy lines. Sayre is assigned to lead a group of Rebel soldiers who are tasked with disrupting the Union troops' communication lines. The mission is considered by many to be a suicide mission, as the soldiers will have to cross enemy lines and operate under dangerous conditions.

During the mission, Sayre comes across a beautiful young woman named Cathy Eversham, played by Joan Evans. Cathy's family owns a plantation that the Union troops have taken over, and she decides to help Sayre and his men by providing them with vital information about the enemy's movements.

As Sayre and his men carry out their mission, they face several challenges and obstacles, such as encountering hostile Union troops, battling the harsh weather conditions, and dealing with internal conflicts between the soldiers.

Robert Sterling also stars in the movie as Captain Lance, a Union officer who is tasked with stopping Sayre and his men from disrupting their communication lines. As the two sides engage in a cat-and-mouse game, the tension builds up, leading to an explosive finale.

What makes Column South unique is its focus on human stories rather than battles and action sequences. The movie explores the relationships between the characters and their motivations, providing an in-depth look at the emotional toll of war.

Audie Murphy delivers a strong and emotional performance as Lt. Jed Sayre, a soldier who is willing to risk his life to complete his mission. Joan Evans also shines as Cathy Eversham, a strong-willed woman who does everything in her power to help Sayre and his men.

The movie features breathtaking landscapes and stunning cinematography, capturing the beauty and harshness of the South during the Civil War era.

Overall, Column South is a classic western movie that blends action, drama, and romance to create a compelling story that is sure to captivate audiences of all ages. With strong performances by its lead actors and a well-crafted story, the movie remains a favorite among fans of the genre.

Column South
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