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Copkiller is an Italian crime thriller movie also referred to as "Corrupt" and "The Order of Death." Fred and Bob are two corrupt cops who earn an illegal living from shaking down drug dealers. Conflict arises when Bob feels guilty about their lavish life style. A cop killing serial killer who targets corrupt cops is on the loose. A punk rocker named Leo Smith, shows up at Fred's door and tells him he's the killer. Fred beats and holds him captive until he can find a place to murder him. Bob comes home to find out and a fight ensues. Fred accidentally kills Bob and the punk rocker is now his accomplice.

1984 | 1 hr 57 min | 6.2/10
Rhonda Shantell, Ron Jeremy, Amy Allison, Jerry Davis
Roberto Faenza
Produced By
Elda Ferri, Roberto Cicutto
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