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  • 1981
  • 1 hr 49 min
  • 5.9  (603)

Cornetti alla crema is a 1981 Italian comedy movie, directed by Sergio Martino, starring Edwige Fenech, Lino Banfi, and Gianni Cavina. The movie is a delightful and funny story of love, infidelity, and mistaken identities. The movie follows the life of an attractive and seductive woman named Elena (Edwige Fenech), who works as a successful pastry chef. Elena is married to Carlo (Renato Pozzetto), a man who is more involved in his work than his wife, which leaves Elena feeling lonely and unfulfilled. In her spare time, Elena spends her days having extramarital affairs with various men, including her pastry assistant Antonio (Lino Banfi), who is madly in love with her.

One day, a famous writer named Mario (Gianni Cavina) comes to Elena's pastry shop and tries to seduce her. Although initially hesitant, Elena is ultimately won over by Mario's charms and begins seeing him on the sly. However, her affair with Mario is complicated by the fact that he is married to another woman, and the couple's mutual friend Bettina (Carla Mancini) also has a crush on him.

As the story unfolds, Elena finds herself trapped in a web of lies and deception that become increasingly difficult to maintain. She tries to juggle her relationship with Mario while attempting to keep her affair with Antonio a secret. As things get more complicated, Elena's world begins to unravel, and she is forced to come to terms with the consequences of her actions.

The movie is a hilarious and entertaining comedy that keeps you engaged with its witty dialogue and charming characters. The cast is outstanding, with Edwige Fenech delivering a standout performance as the seductive Elena. Lino Banfi also shines as the lovestruck pastry assistant Antonio, whose hapless attempts to win Elena's heart are both funny and endearing.

Gianni Cavina's portrayal of Mario is also noteworthy, conveying a mix of charm, wit, and debonair that makes him an interesting character. Carlo, played by Renato Pozzetto, offers a solid performance as the harried and oblivious husband, who is completely unaware of Elena's infidelities.

The movie's storyline is well-crafted, with plenty of twists and turns to keep the audience guessing. The film's setting in the glamorous world of pastry-making adds an element of fun and whimsy to the story, with images of delicious pastries and croissants sprinkled throughout.

In conclusion, Cornetti alla crema is a delightful and witty comedy movie that offers plenty of laughs along with a well-crafted storyline. The movie's strong cast, witty dialogue, and charming setting make it a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a good comedy. If you're looking for a lighthearted and enjoyable movie to watch, then Cornetti alla crema is definitely worth checking out.

Cornetti alla crema
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    5.9  (603)