Cruel Jaws

This action packed motion picture tells the tale of Hampton Bay, a beach town which is being devoured by a serious problem, a great white problem to be exact. Hampton Bay is a popular destination for summer vacationers, however they have been recently overcome by a great white shark. The great white shark has been responsible for brutally killing several vacationers. To make matters worse, the local waterpark is in big danger of being bought out by a large, white collar corporation. Join the local community as they fight to get rid of the shark problem, as well as the corporate bosses.

| 1995 | 1 hr 31 min | 3.0/10
David Luther, George Barnes Jr., Scott Silveria, Kirsten Urso
Bruno Mattei
Cruel Jaws
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CRUEL JAWS (1995) Trailer|2:37
CRUEL JAWS (1995) Trailer|2:37