A serial killer known as the Killer of the Seven Leathers is on the loose in a small town. When a prostitute witnesses a young man being mugged by several gang members, she comes to his aid and finds herself strangely attracted to him. He takes her to his humble dwelling, a shack that he has filled with assorted religious objects, which she takes as a sign that he wants to start a relationship with her.

1993 | | 6.4/10
Luis Enrique Roldán, Idalmis Del Risco, Jorge Molina, Cláudio MacDowell
Culpa (Spanish: guilt), sometimes referred to as Molina's Culpa, is a 1993 film directed by Cuban film director Jorge Molina. It is a black-and-white film that pioneered the blood and gore genre in Cuba. It tells the story of a priest and a prostitu
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