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"Business is booming at the crematorium."
  • NR
  • 2010
  • 1 hr 26 min
  • 5.6  (812)

Death and Cremation is a 2010 American thriller movie that revolves around the life of a troubled teenager named Jarod who seeks an unusual job working for a crematorium owner named Holland, who is secretly a serial killer. Brad Dourif stars as Holland, the ominous crematorium owner who takes Jarod under his wing and teaches him the ins and outs of the operation. Meanwhile, Jeremy Sumpter plays Jarod, a young man who lost his mother to cancer and appears to be carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

The film is dark and twisted, with a disturbing storyline that will make you question what you know about the people around you. Holland is a seemingly normal middle-aged man who masks his sinister tendencies beneath a facade of charm and kindness. The fact that he has been getting away with murder for years adds another layer of creepiness to his character. As the story unfolds, the audience is taken on a journey into the mind of a killer, revealing the psychological and emotional turmoil that drives Holland to commit heinous acts.

The relationship between Holland and Jarod is an intriguing one, as the two have a father-son dynamic that is both endearing and unsettling. Holland takes Jarod under his wing and shows him the ropes, but it becomes clear that his motives are not entirely pure. Jarod, who is desperate for a strong male figure in his life, is eager to please Holland and earn his approval. Their dynamic is complicated and layered, and as the film progresses, the audience is left wondering who is truly manipulating whom.

Scott Elrod plays Detective Gary, a police officer who becomes suspicious of Holland and begins to investigate him. Gary is a no-nonsense cop who is determined to get to the bottom of the case. He is the only character in the movie who truly understands the danger that Holland poses, and his relentless pursuit of the truth adds a sense of urgency to the story.

One of the most striking aspects of Death and Cremation is the way it deals with themes of grief and loss. Jarod is a young man who has lost his mother to cancer, and his pain and sadness are palpable throughout the film. Holland, too, has experienced loss in his life, which has fueled his desire for revenge. The movie does an excellent job of exploring the different ways that people cope with tragedy, and how that can shape the course of their lives.

The film's direction and cinematography are top-notch, with a dark and moody atmosphere that perfectly complements the story. The use of shadow and light creates a sense of foreboding, and the camera work is both intimate and claustrophobic. The score is also noteworthy, with music that adds to the tension and suspense of the story.

Death and Cremation is not a movie for everyone. It is dark, at times disturbing, and deals with themes that may be triggering for some viewers. However, if you're a fan of psychological thrillers and are looking for something that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this movie is definitely worth a watch. The performances by Dourif, Sumpter, and Elrod are all excellent, and the story is compelling and thought-provoking.

Death and Cremation
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