Densen Uta

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  • 2007
  • 5.0  (343)

Densen Uta is about the story of a young girl named Anzu Natsuno, who is an average high school student that is attending an all-girl school. One day, she hears her friend, Kana, singing in the auditiorium, which leads to her surprisingly killing herself after the song is over. A couple days later, Anzu meets a man named Riku Nagasei, who is a columnist that tells her that he is looking into a case of the urban legends known as Densen Uta, which means the infectious song. The legends goes that whoever sings this song, they will instantly kill themselves after performing it. Riku tries to force Anzu and her friends to perform this song to see if the legend is true. However, Anzu's friends decide to sing the song, which ultimately causes them to kill themselves. This leaves Anzu to fight to protect her life.

Densen Uta
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    5.0  (343)