Detective Dee - Tongtian Hierarch

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  • 2021
  • 1 hr 7 min

Detective Dee - Tongtian Hierarch is a Chinese fantasy and mystery film directed by Hark Tsui. The movie is the third installment in the Detective Dee film series. The movie is set in the Tang Dynasty of China, where the Empress Wu Zetian is struggling to maintain her power. The Empress sends Detective Dee, a famous and skilled investigator, to solve a mystery. A supernatural force is causing chaos in the kingdom and threatening to overthrow the ruling powers.

As Detective Dee starts his investigation, he meets with other characters who aid him in his mission. The first person he meets is the young officer, Yuan Zhen. Yuan has been sent to assist Dee in his investigation, but Dee quickly realizes that he is not just any ordinary officer. He possesses supernatural powers that help him in his case.

Dee also meets a beautiful and skilled dancer called Yin Ruiji. She is also investigating the same case as Detective Dee, and they join forces to uncover the mystery. Together, they discover that there is a connection between the supernatural force and a mystical creature called the Tongtian Demon.

As Detective Dee and his team continue their investigation, they realize that the Tongtian Demon is the key to the mystery. They believe that the creature holds an important secret and holds the key to solving the case.

The movie takes the audience on a journey full of suspense, danger, and action. The characters face many challenges as they try to solve the mystery of the Tongtian Demon. They encounter supernatural creatures, unexpected twists, and dark forces along the way.

Jianing Zhang plays the lead character, Detective Dee. He is a symbol of intelligence, wisdom, and bravery. The character of Detective Dee has been played by many actors in Chinese cinema, but Zhang's portrayal is exceptional. He brings a sense of a classic heroic character to the story, and his sharp wit and intelligence make him a formidable adversary to any criminal.

Yue Pengfei portrays the young officer, Yuan Zhen. His character is also an integral part of the story. He brings a sense of humor and a youthful energy to the film, which helps to balance out the darker and more serious tones. He also has a unique set of supernatural abilities that makes him an essential member of Detective Dee's team.

Yitong Liu plays the dancer, Yin Ruiji. Her character brings a sense of elegance and beauty to the story. She is a skilled dancer and uses her abilities to help Detective Dee in his investigation. Her character's presence in the movie adds a different dimension to the plot, and her interactions with Detective Dee add to the emotional depth of the story.

Guanying Chen also plays an essential character in the movie. He portrays Shatuo Zhong, who is a loyal and skilled warrior. He is a valuable asset to Detective Dee and helps to keep him safe throughout the investigation.

In conclusion, Detective Dee - Tongtian Hierarch is a captivating and thrilling movie that takes the audience on an exciting adventure. The movie combines elements of fantasy and mystery, and the characters are well developed and portrayed. The stunning visuals, breathtaking fight scenes, and an immersive storyline make this movie an entertaining watch.

Detective Dee - Tongtian Hierarch is a 2021 action movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 7 minutes.

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    1 hr 7 min