Dil Bechara Pyaar Ka Maara

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Romance and comedy are the focus of this movie about young men and women who are about to get married. Three young men are close friends. One is a singer, another is a cricket player and the third is a successful businessman. They meet three girls one day and each of them aspires to marry the man of her dreams. Their dreams are to marry a businessman, a singer and a cricket player. Things begin to go awry when each girl realizes she is marrying one of these men, but not necessarily the type of man she wanted. The chaos progresses when a local mobster wants to add these three beautiful young women to his harem.

2004 | | 3.7/10
Vikaas Kalantari, Aslam Khan, Divya Palat, Rajpal Yadav
Onkar Nath Mishra
Dil Bechara Pyaar Ka Maara
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