Dracula's Great Love

"Sharing his hunger for female flesh was his thirst for human blood..."
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Four women traveling through the Carpathian Mountains are forced to stay the night in a sanitarium owned by the mysterious Wendell Marlowe. Suddenly revealed to be the infamous Count Dracula, the women are hunted and subsequently turned into vampires so the Prince of Darkness can build his own army of the undead. The lone survivor is Karen, a woman who Dracula needs to complete the resurrection of his daughter Radna. Soon, the two face off, as Dracula attempts to seduce Karen before she can escape.

| 1975 | 1 min | 5.2/10
Paul Naschy, Rosanna Yanni, Haydée Politoff, Mirta Miller
Javier Aguirre
Dracula's Great Love
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Also directed by Javier Aguirre