Enemy Territory

"In ENEMY TERRITORY they take no prisoners. You've got to kill your way out."
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Enemy Territory is an action crime drama that was written by Stuart M. Kaminsky & Bobby Liddell. Directed by Peter Manoogian, the movie features Gary Frank, Tony Todd, Ray Parker Jr., Stacey Dash and Jan-Michael Vincent. The story follows an average insurance agent called Barry (played by Gary Frank) who is ordered by the boss to get the signature on what is to a very big paying policy. He must do this in order to save his faltering job. He has not closed any deals in quite some time, so the boss insists that he completes what seems like a simple task.

In actuality, in order to get the policy signature, Barry must venture into a very dangerous apartment complex located in the worst part of the city's ghetto. He would never have agreed to risk his life, except that he is threatened with losing his job. In addition, this particular policy will provide him with a very large and much needed commission.

Barry is really desperate for the money, so tries not to think about the fact that the complex he is about to enter is actually owned by a notorious gang in the city called the Vampires.

Darkness is fast approaching and he is warned to leave very quickly. However, he does not heed the warning and continues on with his mission, nonetheless. Barry finally obtains the all important signature on the policy. However, in the process he manages to anger one of the gang members for some reason. Because of this, the rest of the Vampire gang arrives and the blood lust begins.

Barry is caught on an upper floor with a mild mannered telephone repair person (played by Ray Parker Jr.). Barry tries to escape the building since he senses that his life is now in danger. Once the very able Vampires find him, a fight to the finish is on.

| 1987 | 1 hr 29 min | 6.5/10
Gary Frank, Ray Parker Jr., Jan-Michael Vincent, Frances Foster
Peter Manoogian
Enemy Territory
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