Four Dogs Playing Poker

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Four Dogs Playing Poker is a crime thriller that showcases a dark reality of human nature, that being the inevitability of death. However, when you are selected to die at a certain time, and know the method and the perpetrator of the killing, then the game of life changes instantly. Four Dogs Playing Poker tells the tale of a group of friends who act as thieves and agree to steal a valuable piece for an art dealer. When things go sour and the robbery is bumbled, the art dealer demands the friends pay him a sum of $1 million. Taking desperate measures and extreme precaution, the friends decide to play god and take matters into their own hands.

| 2000 | | 5.6/10
Olivia Williams, Balthazar Getty, Arly Jover, Jason Cairns
Paul Rachman
Produced By
Steven Hoffman, Matt Salinger
Four Dogs Playing Poker
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Also directed by Paul Rachman

Also starring Olivia Williams