Full Exposure: The Sex Tapes Scandal

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  • TV-PG
  • 1989
  • 1 hr 32 min
  • 5.0  (124)

Full Exposure: The Sex Tapes Scandal is a 1989 drama film directed by Noel Nosseck, written by Barry Sandler, and starring Lisa Hartman, Tony Denison, and Vanessa Williams. The movie is a fictionalized account of a real-life scandal, the theft and distribution of sexually explicit video tapes featuring several well-known public figures.

The story of Full Exposure revolves around a tabloid journalist named Vicki Lynn, played by Hartman, who is known for her ruthless pursuit of sensational stories. Vicki is contacted by a mysterious source who claims to have access to a collection of sex tapes featuring a number of high-profile individuals, including a prominent politician, a famous actor, and a respected business mogul.

Despite her initial doubts about the source's credibility, Vicki agrees to investigate the story, and soon finds herself embroiled in a web of intrigue and danger as she delves deeper into the scandal. Along the way, she encounters a number of colorful characters, including a sleazy private investigator, a corrupt police officer, and a former lover who may be involved in the tape theft.

As the investigation unfolds, Vicki discovers that the sex tape scandal is more complex and far-reaching than she originally imagined, and that there are powerful forces at work trying to suppress the story. As she races against time to uncover the truth and expose those responsible, she must also confront her own ethical and moral boundaries, and decide whether the pursuit of a story is worth compromising her principles.

Lisa Hartman delivers a strong performance as the ambitious and determined Vicki Lynn, imbuing the character with a mix of toughness and vulnerability that makes her both compelling and relatable. Tony Denison is equally impressive as Logan Andrews, a conflicted police officer who becomes Vicki's ally and confidante, despite his own dark secrets. Vanessa Williams, in a supporting role, gives a solid performance as a celebrity caught up in the scandal, adding emotional depth to a character who might have been little more than a footnote in the story.

The film's plot is well-crafted and engaging, with enough twists and turns to keep the audience guessing until the end. Sandler's script is smart and lively, with sharp dialogue and believable characters that make the drama feel authentic. Nosseck's direction is solid, expertly balancing suspense, humor, and drama to keep the pace lively and engaging.

Full Exposure: The Sex Tapes Scandal is a movie that deals with some heavy themes, including privacy, power, and betrayal, but it never feels preachy or heavy-handed. Instead, it delivers an entertaining and thought-provoking story that will appeal to fans of hard-boiled journalism dramas and scandalous tabloid tales alike.

Overall, Full Exposure is a well-crafted and entertaining movie that deserves more attention than it received upon its release. The performances from Hartman, Denison, and Williams are top-notch, and the story is engaging and thoughtful, without sacrificing the excitement and drama that audiences crave. Whether you're a fan of Vicki Lynn-style tabloid journalism or just enjoy a good thriller, Full Exposure is definitely worth checking out.

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