Ghar Grihasti

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  • NR
  • 2004
  • 2 hr 22 min
  • 4.1  (135)

Ghar Grihasti is a heartwarming Indian family drama film that was released in 2004. Directed by Sachin, the movie stars Aishwarya Narkar, Sulabha Arya, and Sajid Sheikh in lead roles. Set in the backdrop of a traditional Indian household, the film explores the complexities of family relationships and the importance of love, understanding, and sacrifice.

The story revolves around the Deshmukh family, headed by Mr. Deshmukh (played by Sajid Sheikh), who is a respectable and hardworking man. Mrs. Deshmukh (Aishwarya Narkar) is a devoted wife and loving mother who takes care of the household chores and the well-being of her family. The couple has two children, a son named Suhas (played by Adesh Bandekar) and a daughter named Varsha (played by Reshma Deshmukh).

Ghar Grihasti delves into the intricate dynamics of the Deshmukh family as they navigate various day-to-day challenges. The film beautifully portrays the different relationships within the household, highlighting the bond between husband and wife, parents and children, and siblings. Mr. Deshmukh, a disciplinarian yet affectionate father, strives to provide the best for his family and ensure their happiness. Conversely, Mrs. Deshmukh, a compassionate and dedicated mother, keeps the family united through her love and care.

The storyline further unfolds as Varsha, a diligent student, falls in love with a young man named Aniket (played by Sachin Khedekar), who comes from a different socio-economic background. Aniket, ambitious and hardworking, dreams of making a name for himself despite facing numerous obstacles. As Varsha and Aniket's relationship grows, they face opposition from their families due to their differing backgrounds. Ghar Grihasti portrays the struggles and sacrifices made by the couple to win acceptance and approval from their families.

The film also delves into the various challenges faced by Suhas, who aspires to become a successful businessman. Suhas encounters setbacks in his career, causing tensions and misunderstandings within the family. The Deshmukhs face financial strains and have to cope with the pressures of maintaining a harmonious household amidst the hurdles. Through these trials, the movie emphasizes the significance of family support, inner strength, and perseverance in overcoming obstacles.

Ghar Grihasti stands out for its portrayal of traditional Indian values and the importance of preserving familial unity. It captures the essence of a typical Indian household, addressing the daily struggles, joys, and emotional moments that shape the lives of each family member. The film beautifully showcases the on-screen chemistry between the talented cast, with Aishwarya Narkar and Sajid Sheikh delivering stellar performances as the central couple.

The cinematography of Ghar Grihasti captures the essence of an urban Indian setting, showcasing the vibrant colors, cultural traditions, and the bustling life of the city. The film also incorporates soulful music and memorable songs that add depth and emotion to the narrative.

In conclusion, Ghar Grihasti is a heartfelt family drama that explores the complexities, bonds, and challenges of a traditional Indian household. It presents a story filled with love, sacrifices, and the struggles faced by its characters in their pursuit of happiness. With brilliant performances and a relatable storyline, this film resonates with audiences by showcasing the eternal values of love, respect, and togetherness within a family.

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    2 hr 22 min
  • IMDB Rating
    4.1  (135)