Gone Nutty

"Gone Nutty" or "Scrat's Missing Adventure" is a 2003 animated short film directed by Carlos Saldanha and produced by John C. Donkin. The film is based on the character, Scrat, from the "Ice Age" films. Once again, the squirrel is struggling to collect his precious acorns. The film begins with Scrat happily placing the last acorn he gathered into a hollowed out tree full of acorns. Unfortunately, just as he is placing the last acorn in the pile, it pops back out, thus causing all of the acorns to fall out of a small hole in the tree. Will Scrat finally be able to recover his acorns or will he constantly be in search of them?

| 2003 | 4 min | 7.4/10
Chris Wedge
Gone Nutty Gone Nutty is an animated short film directed by Carlos Saldanha for Blue Sky Studios. The short features the character Scrat from Ice Age, who is yet again having troubles with collecting his beloved acorns. It has roughly the same stor
Carlos Saldanha, John C. Donkin
Gone Nutty
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Also starring Chris Wedge