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"Nature's most vicious killing-machine is about to get angry."
  • R
  • 2007
  • 1 hr 31 min
  • 4.0  (2,511)

Grizzly Park is a thrilling adventure horror movie released in 2008. The movie revolves around a group of young offenders who are sent to community service in a national park to work for a week. The story kicks off when a ranger named Bob (played by Glenn Morshower) takes the group on a tour of the park. Along the way, the group is introduced to different trees, animals, and their habitat.

As the tour progresses, the group comes across a strange man wearing a bear suit. When they confront him, he disappears, leaving them spooked. The ranger dismisses their fears, telling them that he has been working in the park for years and has never seen any bears. However, things start to take a strange turn when the group later discovers a park ranger killed and eaten by a bear.

As they try to escape the park and report the incident, the group discovers that they are being hunted by a vicious grizzly bear. They soon realize that the man in the bear suit is not actually a man, but a bear that has learned how to impersonate humans. The group now has to fight for their survival against the animal that is stalking them.

Throughout the movie, the individual characters reveal their underlying issues and how they became troubled youth. One of the characters, Bebe, played by Kavan Reece, appears to be the only one with outdoor skills, which come in handy when the group has to navigate their way through the park's streams and forests.

The group is further challenged when they encounter a few other individuals who have their own reasons for being in the park. This dynamic creates an unsettling situation of not knowing who can be trusted.

The cinematography of the movie is quite impressive as it captures some beautiful shots of the park's scenic beauty. The tension and suspense throughout the movie are expertly maintained by the director Tom Skull.

Grizzly Park is not just any other horror movie. It serves a purpose of informing the public about the importance of national parks and the potential danger of encountering wildlife. The movie also touches on the themes of redemption, trust, and survival.

In conclusion, Grizzly Park is a thrilling adventure movie that tells the story of a group of young offenders who are being hunted by a grizzly bear. The park's beauty provides a spectacular backdrop to the suspense-filled movie. The film is about survival, redemption, and trust, cleverly highlighted through a storyline that is both tense and thrilling.

Grizzly Park
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