Half a Man

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  • NR
  • 1925
  • 20 min
  • 5.6  (92)

Half a Man is a 1925 silent comedy film directed by John Francis Dillon, starring Stan Laurel, Tui Bow, and Julie Leonard. The film follows the hilarious misadventures of hapless, bumbling bachelor Stanley Piper (Laurel) as he tries to woo pretty but poor Patricia (Bow) away from her lecherous landlord (Leo Willis). Along the way, Stanley's wacky schemes and mishaps result in plenty of comedic moments, as he hilariously tries to save Patricia from financial ruin and win her heart.

The film begins with Stanley Piper, a young man who is heavily in debt and looking for love, struggling to pay his rent. After being evicted from his room, Stanley runs into Patricia, a beautiful but impoverished young woman who is also looking for work. It's love at first sight for Stanley, who dreams of whisking the young woman away from her troubles and starting a new life together.

But Patricia's landlord, the sleazy and conniving Mr. Duff (Leo Willis), has other plans. Duff sees Patricia as an easy target for his advances, and makes her an offer she can't refuse: if she agrees to spend the night with him, he'll forgive her debt and allow her to stay in her apartment. Desperate for a way out of her dire financial situation, Patricia reluctantly agrees, feeling that she has no other choice.

When Stanley learns of Patricia's predicament, he's enraged. Determined to save the young woman he loves, he concocts a series of elaborate schemes to get Patricia out of Duff's clutches and win her heart. From pretending to be a valet to sneaking into Duff's apartment dressed as a woman, Stanley finds himself in one crazy situation after another, always with hilarious results.

Despite his best efforts, however, Stanley is unable to rescue Patricia from Duff's grip. It's only after Patricia makes a daring escape from Duff's apartment that the two are finally able to be together. But even then, their troubles are far from over. With creditors knocking at the door and money running out, Stanley and Patricia must work together to find a way to pay their bills and stay together.

At its core, Half a Man is a classic romantic comedy, filled with slapstick humor, witty one-liners, and heartfelt moments. Stan Laurel is at his best as the lovable, bumbling hero, while Tui Bow shines as his feisty love interest. Together, they make a charming and memorable screen couple, and their chemistry is evident in every scene they share.

The film's supporting cast is also strong, with Leo Willis playing his slimy villain with just the right amount of sleaze and Julie Leonard providing plenty of laughs as Stanley's landlady. The film also features some impressive stunts and physical comedy, including a memorable scene in which Stanley attempts to sneak across a rooftop while being pursued by Duff's thugs.

Overall, Half a Man is a delightful and entertaining comedy that still holds up today. With its universal themes of love and perseverance, it's a film that audiences of all ages can enjoy. Whether you're a fan of classic silent comedies or simply looking for a good laugh, Half a Man is a film that's well worth watching.

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    5.6  (92)