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"A nation's history overturned."
  • 2006
  • 2 hr 27 min
  • 4.8  (376)

Hanbando is a 2006 South Korean movie directed by Kang Woo-Suk and starring Sung-Ki Ahn, Il-seob Baek, and In-pyo Cha. This political thriller embodies the ongoing dialogue between the two Koreas amidst the looming threat of the North’s nuclear arsenal. The film features the complexity of the inter-Korean relationships that have been evolving since the division of the Korean peninsula.

The plot centers around a political crisis that shakes both North and South Korea. The political turmoil is instigated by the discovery of a proposal detailing the uniting of North and South Korea. The ambitious plan seeks to create a centralized power through the implementation of a single language, currency, and government. The discovery of the proposal brings up a sudden concern for both countries' leadership.

The fear amongst the North Korean political elite that they may lose their position and face prosecution following the country’s union, leads them to conduct a series of covert operations to prevent its implementation. In response, the South Korean government gears up their intelligence units to respond to the unexpected aggression, and push forward with the unification process.

In the midst of this brewing tension, Baek Yeong-min (Sung-Ki Ahn), a veteran chancellor who has been playing a crucial role in denuclearizing the North, is called back to public life to lead the unification task force. However, due to the sensitive nature of the task force, despite the urgency of the situation, Yeong-min has to maneuver through bureaucracy and political interests that have been undermining the efforts of the task force.

The story is well-crafted and strongly echoes the escalating tension between the two Koreas. The screenplay perfectly captures the complex politics of the Korean peninsula and the eerie sense of insecurity that underlies the atmosphere at the time. Through a series of unprecedented events, the film highlights the effects of political tension on relations between North Korea and the international community.

The performances of the main actors are solid, with Sung-Ki Ahn being the standout in the movie. Ahn portrays Baek Yeong-min with a precise balance of intelligence and caution, delivering his lines with confidence that highlights both Yeong-min’s experience and his wisdom as a seasoned politician.

The film is well shot, with particular attention to the angles strategically placed to evoke a sense of tension in the key moments of the movie. The use of visual cues also plays a big part in heightening the effect of the film’s message, as they convey the intensity of the situation without the need for exposition.

In conclusion, Hanbando is a movie that delves deep into the ongoing dialogue between the two Koreas within an intense political thriller. The intricate plot explores the fragility of Korean nationalistic ideals, and the nefarious, systemic threat posed by competitive political structures that continue to isolate this once-unified nation. The movie effectively captures the political landscape of Korea and the underlying fear that encompasses a potential union between North and South Korea. The story provides a glimpse of the current state of inter-Korean relations and stands as a bold observation of the challenges that hinder the way to reunification. Hanbando is a must-watch for anyone interested in the Korean political climate and the discourse surrounding the reunification of South and North Korea.

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    2 hr 27 min
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    4.8  (376)