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Hanbando is a political thriller from South Korea. The South and North Korea have finally started to make progress in their relationship, and are progressing toward future unification. One of the first steps in the process is reopening of an old railroad line going from one Korea to the other. However, the Japanese see a threat in the future unification, and tries to stop the railroad line from being re-opened. The Japanese claim they have the full ownership of the railroad showing a century old document notarized by the imperial seal. South Korean president asks the country’s top historian to prove that the seal is fake as the future of the country hangs on it.

2006 | 2 hr 27 min | 4.8/10
Sung-Ki Ahn, Il-seob Baek, In-Pyo Cha, Tae-Hyun Cha
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Also starring Il-seob Baek