The Advocate

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The Advocate is a crime thriller. It involves the defense of a pig against a charge of murder. Set in France in the 15th century, an attorney in Paris decides his life needs to change. Deciding to move to the country he accepts an appointment in a remote country location. His work is as a public defender. A murder defense is a typical case for a public defender. Defending a pig against a murder charge is not. This highly intelligent and sophisticated Paris attorney must dig deeper to find the truth in this case. He must find out what and why this is happening.

| 1993 | 1 hr 42 min | 6.8/10
Colin Firth, Ian Holm, Donald Pleasence, Amina Annabi
BBC, CiBy 2000
Leslie Megahey
Produced By
David M. Thompson
The Advocate
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Also directed by Leslie Megahey