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  • 2015
  • 53 min

Hano! A Century in the Bleachers is a documentary film that explores the rich history of the Dominican Republic in baseball. The movie showcases the strong connection between national identity, politics and baseball, highlighting the impact that the sport has had on shaping the country's culture. The film is narrated by Felipe Alou, a retired Dominican baseball player and manager who has played an instrumental role in the country's baseball history. He provides an insightful and personal account of how the sport has evolved over the last century, and how it has been intertwined with the country's social and political history.

The documentary takes a deep dive into the history of baseball in the Dominican Republic, its origins, and its growth over the years. It explores how baseball has become part of the national identity in the country, and how it has brought together people from all walks of life.

One of the key themes of the documentary is the impact that politics has had on the sport. The film explores how the power structures in the country have influenced the way that baseball has been played and managed, and how political decisions have affected the careers of individual players.

Hano! A Century in the Bleachers also highlights the role that fans have played in the growth of the sport in the Dominican Republic. The documentary showcases the passion and energy of the country's baseball fans, and how they have helped to create a unique and vibrant baseball culture.

Throughout the movie, the filmmakers use powerful visuals and archival footage to bring the story of Dominican baseball to life. The documentary features interviews with a wide range of experts, including baseball historians, academics, and former players.

One of the most impressive aspects of Hano! A Century in the Bleachers is the way that it balances the academic and historical aspects of the story with personal accounts and anecdotes from those who have played and loved the sport. The film is a celebration of baseball in the Dominican Republic, but it also does not shy away from the challenges and controversies that the sport has faced.

Ultimately, Hano! A Century in the Bleachers is a powerful and engaging documentary that sheds light on the rich and complex history of baseball in the Dominican Republic. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves the sport, and for those who are interested in the intersection between sports, culture, and politics.

"Hano! A Century in the Bleachers" is a 2015 documentary with a runtime of 53 minutes.

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