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  • 2004
  • 2.9  (224)

Hawas is a Hindi thriller film that hit the big screens in 2004. The movie stars Shawar Ali, Meghna Naidu, and Tarun Arora in lead roles. Directed by Karan Razdan, Hawas follows the story of a young woman who falls for a married man and the consequences that follow their affair. Meghna Naidu stars as Sneha, a beautiful and ambitious woman who is not content with her current life. She lusts for wealth and power and will do anything to get it. Sneha meets Siddharth (Shawar Ali), a wealthy businessman who is married to a loving wife, Shilpa (Mukesh Tiwari), and they begin an affair.

Siddharth is initially hesitant but eventually succumbs to Sneha's seduction. The two begin a passionate affair, sneaking around behind the back of Siddharth's wife. However, what starts as a fling between two consenting adults quickly takes a dark turn when Siddharth becomes more possessive and paranoid about Sneha's intentions.

As the affair continues, Sneha becomes increasingly aware of the dangers of the situation she has put herself in. She tries to break off the relationship, but Siddharth refuses to let her go. His obsession with Sneha causes him to become increasingly unstable, and the situation spirals out of control. The plot thickens as various twists and turns come up in the story.

Amidst all the drama, Sneha finds herself embroiled in a web of deceit and betrayal, vying for her survival in a situation that seems to get more complicated by the day. Meanwhile, Siddharth's wife Shilpa, whose love and loyalty for her husband knows no bounds, is unaware of the ongoing affair, and the movie presents her character as the genuine and innocent oppressed party.

Hawas is an explicit film that doesn't shy away from lavish lifestyle scenes, sexual indulgences, and intimate bedroom sequences. While the movie caters to audiences who have a taste for erotic thrillers, the plot is shallow and predictable, with weakly written characters that collectively fail to keep the audience even slightly invested.

The performances by the cast are underwhelming, and the execution of the story is not refined enough to make Hawas a critically acclaimed movie. The movie was able to stand out in the specific genre and gain attention due to its constant bold and erotic scenes. While the audience enjoys the picturization, it found itself relying heavily on clichés and stereotyping, eventually failing to capture the viewer's attention and failing to make Hawas stand out as a cult classic.

Overall, Hawas may have been an entertaining movie for the Indian cinema audience in 2004. Still, its simplistic, insipid storyline and routine presentation made it difficult for it to stand the test of time, eventually becoming only a one-time watch by the audiences. Despite being a below-average movie's erotic lessons, Hawas found an audience in India, where movies challenging the conservative side of the country are rare. It would be fair to say that it did not stand out in the pantheon of Indian cinema, and failed to make an overall impact on the audiences.

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