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  • 1932
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Helpmates is a classic Laurel and Hardy comedy from 1932, directed by James Parrott. The film stars Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, two hapless friends who find themselves in a series of ridiculous situations, much to the delight of audiences. The movie begins with Ollie returning home after a night out with his friend Stan. His wife, played by Mae Busch, is not very happy to see him arrive late and drunk, but things get even worse when he realizes that he forgot he had promised to clean the house for his wife's visit the next day.

Faced with the daunting task of cleaning up the house, Ollie enlists the help of his friend Stan. The two embark on a chaotic and hilarious cleaning spree, using everything from paint thinner to exploding soda bottles to try to get the job done.

As the day progresses, the mess in the house only seems to grow, and Stan and Ollie's attempts to clean it up only make things worse. One particularly memorable scene involves the two friends accidentally setting fire to the living room while trying to light a stove.

Things go from bad to worse when they accidentally flood the house, causing even more chaos and destruction. As the hours tick by and the mess grows, Ollie begins to panic and realizes that he needs to think of something fast before his wife arrives.

In desperation, Ollie decides to call in a professional cleaning crew to help tidy up the house. However, when the crew arrives, they quickly realize that the mess is far beyond their capabilities, and they too are soon sent running.

In the end, Ollie is forced to admit defeat and realize that there is simply no way he can clean up the house in time. However, just as all seems lost, his wife unexpectedly arrives and reveals that she was only playing a prank on him. The house was already clean, and she just wanted to see how he would react.

As the film draws to a close, Laurel and Hardy share a final moment of comedic relief, with Ollie getting his own back by giving Stan a taste of his own medicine.

Overall, Helpmates is a classic example of Laurel and Hardy's unique brand of slapstick comedy. While the plot may be simple, the film manages to keep audiences entertained throughout with its hilarious antics and memorable scenes. As with many of their films, it's the chemistry between the two leads that makes Helpmates such a pleasure to watch, with Stan and Ollie's hilarious antics and comic timing leaving audiences in stitches.

In short, Helpmates is a must-watch for all fans of classic comedy and slapstick humor. With its timeless humor and lovable characters, it's unlikely that this film will ever lose its appeal or fail to make audiences laugh.

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