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"Musical Revue in Technicolor!"
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  • 1937
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Hollywood Party is a classic American musical comedy film from 1937 which is still remembered for its beautiful sets, costumes, and dance numbers. One of the main features of this movie is that it consists of a series of sketches that are presented in various settings, each showcasing different actors, singers, and dancers. This format gives the film a vaudeville-like quality and allows the viewer to experience a range of entertainment styles.

The movie opens with an introduction from the famous Hollywood actor, Jimmy Durante. He informs the audience that they will be attending a party in Hollywood hosted by the eccentric millionaire, Komodo. Durante sets the tone for the rest of the film by telling the viewers that they should expect a wild night, full of surprises and unexpected events.

The film moves to Komodo's mansion, where guests are arriving for the party. The first sketch features the beautiful Elissa Landi, who plays a young woman named Glory, trying to sell her wares to the guests. This leads to a series of amusing mishaps and misunderstandings that provide a lot of laughs.

As the night progresses, the guests become more animated, and the next sketch features an acrobatic dance routine by the Fratello Brothers. This is followed by a hilarious musical number featuring the comedian, Leon Errol, who is known for his double-talk routines. Errol's performance is one of the highlights of the film, and his ability to deliver lines that sound like real words, but are actually gibberish, is truly impressive.

The movie also includes an impressive number by the famous tap dancer, Eleanor Powell, who performs a solo routine to the tune of 'All Ashore'. Powell's dance is energetic and full of life, and her tapping is mesmerizing to watch. Her movements and footwork showcase her incredible talent and make this scene one of the most memorable in the film.

The film also includes some romantic subplots, such as when the characters played by Landi and Joe Morrison fall in love during the evening. Their story is woven in throughout the various sketches and adds a touch of sweetness to the overall film.

As the night progresses, the party gets increasingly wild, and the film takes on a surreal quality. The guests are shown wearing elaborate costumes and taking part in strange, dream-like scenarios. One example is a segment where a group of guests is shown dancing with giant flowers, which are operated by actors dressed in green.

The film also includes several musical numbers, which are performed by the likes of Ginny Simms, Martha Raye and Burns and Allen. These songs are catchy and fun and provide a nice break from the more performance-oriented segments of the film.

Overall, Hollywood Party is a fun and entertaining musical comedy that showcases a range of talent and entertainment styles. The various sketches and musical numbers are well-choreographed and performed, and the sets and costumes are beautiful to look at. The film is a reflection of the glamour and extravagance of Hollywood in the 1930s and is still worth watching for its nostalgic charm.

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