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"Let'z get high this 2013"
  • 2013
  • 2 hr 18 min
  • 5.8  (778)

Honey Bee is a 2013 Malayalam romantic comedy film directed by Lal Jr. (Jean Paul Lal) and stars Asif Ali, Bhavana, and Archana Kavi amongst others in key roles. The movie weaves elements of friendship, romance, and humor against the backdrop of the city of Kochi, Kerala. Honey Bee provides the audience an engaging blend of quirky characters and relatable youth-oriented themes, tied together by a narrative that emphasizes the importance of relationships and the trials they often endure.

The movie kicks off with an introduction to the endearing Sebastian, played by Asif Ali, affectionately known as "Seban". Seban is a carefree young man, whose life revolves around his close-knit group of friends, known as the "Sons of Ithaca.” These friends include Mani, essayed by Baburaj, who owns a cafe and acts as a mentor of sorts to the group; Abu, played by Sreenath Bhasi, who provides a fair amount of the comic relief; and finally, the fiery Angel, portrayed by Archana Kavi, who is not just a part of the group but holds a special place in Seban's heart.

At the core of Honey Bee is the budding romance between Seban and Angel. Despite the two of them coming from very different family backgrounds, with Angel belonging to an orthodox Christian family headed by her strict father, portrayed by Vijayaraghavan, they find solace and happiness in each other's company. The romance is treated with a blend of sweetness and humor that is a trademark of the film, combining moments of easy camaraderie with scenes that reveal a deeper emotional connection.

Bhavana plays the role of Angel's elder sister, Isabel (also known as Lisa), who returns from studying in Paris. With her arrival, the storyline takes a more complex turn as she brings home experiences and perceptions that collide with the conservative expectations of her family. Her character is an interesting counterpoint to the more traditional views of her family, adding layers to the familial dynamics that influence the core love story.

The comedy in Honey Bee is driven largely by situational humor, stemming from the characters' interactions and escapades in their daily lives. Seban and his friends are often embroiled in humorous situations that showcase their camaraderie and the high-jinks associated with youth. There's a spontaneous charm to their interactions, and the audience is privy to the pranks, jests, and mishaps that pepper their shared experiences.

Moreover, Honey Bee serves as a cultural snapshot of life in Kochi, giving the audience a look into the urban landscape of the city, captured through the energetic score, quick-witted dialogue, and vibrant cinematography that magnifies the colorful locales. The city itself becomes a character in the narrative, offering a scenic stage for the characters' escapades and the unfolding drama.

As this tale progresses, the viewers are led through a series of events that test the strength and resilience of Seban and Angel's relationship, as well as the ties between Seban and his gang. The themes of loyalty, companionship, and the pursuit of love against societal norms are explored, showing how the characters negotiate their bonds in the face of challenges.

Honey Bee can also be categorized as a coming-of-age story in many respects. The characters, while jovial and carefree, are also attempting to define themselves and their future paths. This self-discovery journey runs parallel to the main plotline, providing audiences with a glimpse into the transformation that each character undergoes over the course of the film.

Adding further complexity to the narrative is the presence of rival factions and familial conflicts. These serve as obstacles that the protagonists must overcome. The conflicts provide the necessary tension that propels the story forward and offers moments where the humorous façade gives way to reveal the more serious stakes the characters find themselves entangled in.

Aside from the humor and romance, Honey Bee doesn’t shy away from moments of poignant drama. It deals with themes of forgiveness, acceptance, and the pain of potential loss, interweaving these heavy elements with its lighter, more comedic aspects. This balance allows the film to engage its audience on several emotional levels, and the excellent chemistry among the ensemble cast makes these transitions seamless.

Honey Bee's soundtrack, by Deepak Dev, consists of memorable songs that accentuate the tone of the movie. The catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics help to underscore the various moods and help in further establishing the emotional landscape of the film. It’s a film that has its roots firmly in the youth culture of its time while articulating universal themes that resonate with a wider audience.

In summary, Honey Bee is an entertaining mix of humor, romance, and drama that encapsulates the vibe of young love and friendship set amidst the scenic backdrop of Kochi. With a cast that brings their A-game to the fore, the movie engages audiences with its charm, wit, and heartfelt storytelling.

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    2 hr 18 min
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    5.8  (778)