Hoover Dam: The Historic Construction

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  • 2010
  • 44 min

Hoover Dam: The Historic Construction is a documentary film that captures the remarkable engineering feat that was Hoover Dam's construction. This iconic structure, located on the Colorado River between the states of Arizona and Nevada, was built during the Great Depression and became a symbol of American ingenuity and perseverance.

The film begins by setting the historical context for the dam's construction. It describes how the Colorado River had been a challenge for American settlers since the mid-19th century, with water scarcity and flooding causing significant problems for agriculture and navigation. The film then introduces the concept of damming the river as a solution, which had been proposed by engineers and politicians since the turn of the century.

We are then introduced to the key players in the construction of the dam, including the project's chief engineer, Frank Crowe, and the Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner, Arthur Powell Davis. The documentary explains how these men overcame countless logistical challenges and political obstacles to bring their vision of the dam to fruition.

As the film progresses, we see the construction of the dam taking shape. Stunning footage shows the Hoover Dam rising out of the river, a mass of concrete and steel jutting out from the surrounding desert landscape. The documentary also features interviews with workers who worked on the dam, giving a firsthand account of the grueling labor that went into its construction.

One of the most impressive aspects of Hoover Dam's construction was the engineering innovations that were employed. The film delves into some of these innovations, such as the use of cableways to transport materials and the construction of diversion tunnels to reroute the Colorado River.

The documentary also touches on the social and economic impact of the dam's construction. It describes how the influx of workers to the area helped to create a thriving community of businesses and entertainment, giving rise to the town of Boulder City. The film also discusses the impact of the dam on the surrounding environment, providing a balanced view of both the dam's benefits and drawbacks.

Overall, Hoover Dam: The Historic Construction is a fascinating exploration of one of America's most iconic engineering feats. The film provides a detailed look at the challenges and triumphs of the dam's construction, while also placing it within its historical and social context. With stunning imagery and insightful interviews, this documentary is a must-see for anyone interested in the history of American engineering and infrastructure.

Hoover Dam: The Historic Construction is a 2010 documentary with a runtime of 44 minutes.

Hoover Dam: The Historic Construction
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