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  • 2013
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 4.2  (2,043)

Horror Story is a 2013 Bollywood horror film which revolves around a group of seven friends who decide to spend a night in a haunted hotel. The film is directed by Ayush Raina and produced by Vikram Bhatt. The plot begins with a group of friends who plan to celebrate their friend's birthday at a night club. After the club shuts down, they decide to continue their party at a nearby hotel where they come across a mysterious and spooky hotel owner.

As soon as they step in the hotel, strange things start happening with them. The group soon realizes that they are not alone in the hotel, and the hotel is haunted by the ghosts of its past victims. The hotel owner warns them to leave the hotel, but they ignore his warning and continue to stay there.

The horror story takes a turn for the worse when the group gets locked in the hotel, and the ghosts start haunting them one by one. It turns out that the hotel owner is a puppet of the ghosts who were looking for new victims to add to their list of victims.

The film is a blend of classic horror elements and modern-day scares. The director has used techniques like sudden jump scares and eerie background score to scare the audience. The film has a dark and sinister tone that keeps the audience at the edge of their seats.

The acting performances in the film are decent, and every actor has portrayed their character well. The lead actors, Karan Kundrra, Nishant Malkani, and Hasan Zaidi, have done a good job of conveying a sense of fear and helplessness.

The screenplay of the film is tight, and the director has kept the movie's pace fast-paced, leaving no room for boredom. The film's setting of an old, abandoned hotel adds to the overall horror ambiance, and the director has used the location to his advantage.

The cinematography of the movie is impressive, and the camera angles effectively capture the spooky environment. The usage of low-angle shots to depict the ghosts' points of view has been used to great effect in the film.

The movie's background score by Amar Mohile is chilling and perfectly complements the film's horror elements. The sound design of the movie is also remarkable, and the use of ambient noises and cues help build an eerie tension.

Although the film does have its clichés such as characters splitting up and heading in different directions, it still manages to maintain the suspense till the end. The climax of the film is intense and will leave the audience guessing.

All in all, Horror Story is a well-made horror film that will send shivers down your spine. The movie's tight screenplay, eerie background score, excellent cinematography, and a spooky hotel premise make it a must-watch for horror enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Horror Story is a great example of a Bollywood horror film that can send chills down your spine. The film is a commendable effort from the director and producer and deserves a watch. With its unique blend of classic and modern horror tropes, it is sure to become a cult classic in the genre.

Horror Story
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    4.2  (2,043)