How to Beat the High Co$t of Living

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  • PG
  • 1980
  • 1 hr 45 min
  • 6.0  (1,977)
  • 30

How to Beat the High Co$t of Living is a 1980 American comedy film directed by Robert Scheerer and starring Susan Saint James, Jane Curtin, and Jessica Lange. The film takes place in Northern California and follows three women who are struggling financially and decide to rob a shopping mall to make ends meet. The three women, Louise (Susan Saint James), a recently divorced mother of two, Elaine (Jane Curtin), a struggling artist, and Jodie (Jessica Lange), a recently widowed mother of two, are all struggling to make ends meet. Louise is drowning in debt following her divorce from her wealthy husband, Elaine can't seem to sell any of her art, and Jodie is struggling to make ends meet as a single mother.

One day, the three women stumble upon a newspaper article about a new shopping mall that boasts the latest in high-tech security systems. After some brainstorming, they come up with a plan to rob the mall and steal as much merchandise as they can, with the intention of selling it for a profit.

Their plan is not without its obstacles, however, as they soon discover that pulling off a successful heist is not as easy as it seems. They encounter a number of setbacks and complications along the way, but with determination and perseverance, they manage to overcome these obstacles and make off with a considerable amount of stolen goods.

As they attempt to sell the stolen merchandise, the women must also contend with the guilt and paranoia that come with their illegal activity. They worry that they will be caught and punished for their crime, and they struggle to justify their actions to themselves and those around them.

Despite these challenges, the women continue to push forward and work together to pull off their scheme. Along the way, they form a close bond and learn valuable lessons about friendship, self-reliance, and the importance of taking risks.

How to Beat the High Co$t of Living is a lighthearted and entertaining film that explores themes of friendship, financial struggles, and the lengths that people will go to in order to support themselves and their families. The chemistry between the three lead actresses is excellent, and their performances bring humor and heart to the film. With its lively humor and relatable characters, How to Beat the High Co$t of Living is a must-see for anyone looking for a fun and engaging comedy.

How to Beat the High Co$t of Living
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